Eyelash Extensions


Do you have dull, lifeless eyelashes? Are you spending too much time everyday curling, heating, and dying your

lash, just to see them? Have you ever wondered how some celebrity women always have the longest, darkest and

fullest looking lashes? Their secret? Lash extensions! But these lashes are not your normal everyday, get a set at

the mall kind of lashes. These lashes stay attached to your natural lash for an estimated 4-6 weeks after application.

They are weightless, so you don’t have the pull or discomfort from strip lashes or individual tabbing. And because

they are weightless, they will not pull your natural lash out, so they essentially stay till your lash falls out on its

own. With such a natural look to them, no one will ever suspect you are wearing extensions.


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EyelashExtensions Dunes Med SpaEyeLash Extensions Dunes Med Spa










Eyelash Extensions Dunes Med Spa

Disclaimer- Individual results may vary person to person…

Amanda Eyelash Extensions

Disclaimer- Individual results may vary person to person…

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