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Cheek implants have become one of the top 20 cosmetic surgical procedures. But what if you didn’t have to have surgery to have a “new” face? With the help of liquid face lift products patients are able to achieve the results they want without having to go under the knife. The cheek bone area or the zygomatic area, is a key treatment zone for many patients who are seeking a lift in certain aspects of the face. Fat loss, collagen depletion, and skeletal changes flatten out the cheeks over time, giving the appearance of sagging and hollows underneath the eyes, the jowls, and even give that “permanent frown” look your mother always warned you about.


Correction of these areas with the help of products such as Radiesse® can have a dramatic improvement in the appearance of an aging face. While the products themselves can have an improvement, the technique used by the practitioner is very important. Typically cross threading of the product deep into the dermis or subdermal areas of the skin is what gives the appearance of a natural lift. Depending on the individual patient the physician can give a smooth curve or a more defined “apple” effect to the cheeks. The “apple” effect, however; requires an additional deposit of filler into the upper cheeks.


Some patients are just looking for a gentle brow lift, to reduce the look of droopy eyelids. To perform a liquid browlift the filler is placed directly behind the eyebrow, under the skin. It can also diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles in the forehead using the same technique, placing the filler directly behind the troublesome areas.


The lift is subtle for some patients, for others, the effects are gradual, yet dramatic. The use of liquid face lifts can bring a look of balance to the whole face. When the cheek hollows and outer cheeks are treated, the jowls (lower cheeks) are gently lifted. Using Radiesse to bring balance to the face, and cause the outer corners of the mouth to turn upwards, getting rid of that “permanent frown” it can also be used to treat sunken eyes, dark circles, and bags underneath the eyes.

Keeping up with regular sessions will “train” the skin in the way it is manipulated in each session by reteaching the body to create it’s own collagen.  This will eventually lessen the amount of filler you would need for each appointment. Read here and discover how to keep your costs down.

Disclaimer- Individual results may vary person to person…

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