Press Release March 27, 2013


Visitors and residents of Myrtle Beach are excited about the new Beach Magic brand, because it kicks the day spa experience up a couple notches. Anticipating a record Myrtle Beach tourist season, Beach Magic is already attracting visitors from all over the country.

MYRTLE BEACH, SC, March 27, 2013 – Their new Beach Magic Massages are most popular, with specialty services like Beach Sports Massage to pamper the large number of sports fanatics in Myrtle Beach.

They created a colorful, unique menu that looks like it came from a tropical restaurant. It’s a bit zany with a dose of summer fun. Part of the magic is highlighted by their Waxing Wand services that says “Like magic, we wave a wand, and in the twinkle of an eye, POOF! Your hair is gone.”

Their “All the Way to Rio Baby” is the classic Brazilian Wax, but perfected by the way they treat you like a work of art. A huge hit for visiting beach combers is the Hurricane Surf and Turf. Beach Magic recently added the Lunchtime Facial, which is fast and effective for a quick and lasting experience.

Their Calypso Dazzling is taking the country by storm. If spa goers haven’t heard of Vagazzling, they are in for a sexy surprise. Their customers say “You have to see it to believe it.”

Managing Partner Amanda Johnson Howard says the Beach Magic buzz is taking off. “Just in time for the swarms of people, our Beach Magic brand speaks directly to our visitors that come to Myrtle Beach from all over the world. I’ve had phone calls from New Yorkers setting up appointments way in advance, so they’re sure to get in.”

The day spa has been growing leaps and bounds and is often booked up. They have recently installed material in their spa rooms so zero sound comes through the walls, giving their customers an even more private experience.

Their motto: Customers leave their spa feeling sexy, confident, spectacular, elegant, loved, and magical.

Amanda encourages people to reserve their time slot so they can be sure and get in. If the last couple months are any sign, we will unfortunately have to turn people away. Beach Magic can be reached at (843) 450-4429. Check out the full details of their fun summer menu at

About Beach Magic

Our customers are immediately brought into The Beach Magic Experience: Our clients love how intimate and private we are. They rave about the personal experience and how personable we are. We don’t let you just sit there on a cold chair and wait for your turn. You get to learn all about the latest skin care trends, so you can keep your skin looking spectacular. We are educators first. Experts about your skin, the crazy chemicals others put in their products, the elemental ingredients we use, the science of laser care, and so much more. You leave our spa feeling sexy, confident, spectacular, elegant, loved, and magical. Beach Magic is a women-owned small business.

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Press Contact: Amanda Johnson Howard

Beach Magic at Dunes Medical Solutions Spa

1410 South Kings Highway

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

(843) 450-4429