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  •      Your weight loss program will be under a physicians care
  •      Learn Strategies to keep the weight off using real food
  •      Say goodbye to stubborn fat
  •      Say hello to the body you desire
  •      Clinically proven, FDA-cleared
  •      Manage Appetite, Balance education and activity to loose weight
  •      Check your schedule and book initial consultation to get started!






Disclaimer- Individual results may vary person to person…


Hello I’m Liz 23 year old nursing student. I started the hCG diet at 190 lbs. I was astonished of how fast I lost, dropping 1-2 lbs. per day. I felt light , healthy and full of engery. I have lost 30 lbs. in total and have not gained any weight since returning to regular diet. I’am now doing another round of HCG and plan to lose my last 20 lbs. This diet has been amazing for me!


Vicki 42, I have lost 40 lbs. and feel wonderful like a new person everyone here at Skinny Me is AWESOME! It’s so easy to do and you will be so happy with the crazy wonderful staff I love them all. I would recomend this program to anyone.


I looked into the hCG eating plan and then called “Skinny Me!”  I met with my weight coach, Janine.  Everything was explained to me.  I have lost 17 pounds in 3 weeks.  My blood sugar went from 113 to 95! My blood pressure went from 98 to 85! I feel unbelievable and have twice as much energy!

Jay Z.

Working in a restaurant was a huge test of my self control ! However being able to educate myself on what I shouldn’t do made it so much easier. Everyone here was so motivating and helpful with recipes and pointers that the transition was smooth. I lost 23.2 lbs. and 35.5 inches…WOW! Danielle R  
I felt horrible about myself when I went in to the office for the first time in August. At the time I was wearing an 18W in pants. When I began the program I was particularly impressed with the progress that I was seeing quickly, and the progress itself was ultimately what became my Now it’s January and I never knew I could feel so much better about myself. I can do active things that are important to me, and that I would never have considered doing before because of the physical exertion I knew would be required. Today I visited my personal physician and his comment to me was “you look fabulous”. Today I fit very nicely in a size 8 jeans!! I’ve not worn a size 8 since before I had children more than 20 years ago. I feel good all the time, and I am motivated to be. Holly P H
Disclaimer- Individual results may vary person to person…

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