Why it Works

Physician Supervised Weight Loss Program

On the Dunes Diet® Program, you will receive support and encouragement  needed to lose weight and the mandatory education to help you keep it off! Our physician-supervised, three-phase weight loss program has helped thousands of patients across the United States lose more than 2.0 million pounds!

Our Keys to Success

Losing weight requires more than counting calories. Long-term weight loss and maintenance requires focusing on all aspects of your health and committing to this new lifestyle. Dunes Diet® Keys to Success ensures patients are given the necessary tools in all areas of their life to lose weight and transition to a healthier lifestyle.



According to medical research, teaming with a medical professional produces lasting- longer results and greater weight loss.

Research shows that teaming with a medical professional produces greater, longer-lasting results.

While on the Dunes Diet®, you meet individually with a member of our medical team. Our team reviews your health and medical history and performs comprehensive medical testing to develop a program that is individualized specifically for you.

Your individualized program will include:

  • Weekly support, encouragement, coaching and motivation from our medical team here in Myrtle Beach
  • Education about how to lose weight in today’s world, using real food
  • Tools to overcome temptations and win the weight loss battle- available coaching daily during office hours
  • FDA-approved appetite suppressants (if prescribed by our  physician)
  • Exclusively formulated for  physicians -vitamins and supplements that can assist you with weight loss and long-term wellness
  • Vitamin and amino acid injections for energy


Motivation to help with Emotional Eating

 “Sometimes the strongest cravings for food happen when you’re at your weakest point emotionally. You may turn to food for comfort — consciously or unconsciously — when you’re facing a difficult problem, stress or just looking to keep yourself occupied.

But emotional eating can sabotage your weight-loss efforts. Emotional eating often leads to eating too much, especially too much of high-calorie, sweet, fatty foods. But the good news is that if you’re prone to emotional eating, you can take steps to regain control of your eating habits and get back on track with your weight-loss goals. ” Source Mayo Clinic

The Dunes Diet ® staff is a team of experts who make sure you have the healthy motivation you need. Everyone at Dunes Diet® is trained to encourage healthy motivation and positive thinking. We will assess your physical progress and we will also ask you how you feel along the way. We understand the connection between  emotional eating.

Managing your weight for a lifetime is an important part of your overall wellness and our success. We are your partners for life!



The Dunes Diet® Program was designed and is continually evolving under the direct supervision of a registered and licensed Physician. Our program provides patients the educational tools and resources to make healthy food choices including:

  • Weekly Menus
  • Shopping Lists
  • Recipes for all phases of the program
  •  Eating Our Food Tips
  • Nutritional Articles and Newsletters
  • Exclusively formulated for Physicians Isometrix supplements that can assist you with weight loss and long-term wellness goals




Part of the Dunes Diet® Program is educating you on the benefits of exercise and providing fitness resources.

Physical Activity plays a critical part of long-term weight maintenance. We give you the resources you need to incorporate exercise into your overall wellness program.



Dunes Diet® is more than a diet it’s a weigh of LIFE protocol. Our goal is to teach you strategies for long-term weight loss and optimal wellness so that you have the tools to maintain your weight loss. We incorporate many educational tools during your weight loss journey including:


  • Educational Handouts and Articles
  • Shopping Lists
  • Eating Out Dining Guide
  • Comprehensive Patient Packets for each program phase
  • Healthy Recipes

Disclaimer- Individual results may vary person to person…

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